The sale is now over

Thanks so much to everyone who took part. You can still watch the film digitally by heading to:

Any questions please email:


Order update 8th April 2021:

We wanted to share an update on where we're at with fulfilment, given that we said we hoped to be sending orders out around this time.

The good news is the slipcases have just arrived. They look gorgeous and the signing process is well underway! I'm only a few hours in and my hand is hurting already, but crippling arm pain is a price we are more than happy to pay to bring you CINEMATIC BOX SET JOY.

The less good news is that it's taking longer for the replication plant to produce the actual discs than they anticipated. We've been told to now expect the finished DVD/Blu-Rays to be delivered to us around the 15th of April, at which point we will need to sort everything into the individual orders and package them up (an epic undertaking!).

We subsequently expect to have everything sent off around the first/second week of May, if nothing further unexpected happens. You'll receive a confirmation email as soon as your order ships.

We're really sorry for the delay - honestly it’s extremely frustrating and stressful for us. With covid, crazy production issues and now this late change, we feel like we’ve been hit by everything the world can throw at us on this film, but the knowledge that it will soon have a permanent home in your collections remains a happy thought that keeps us going.All the best,

Stuart and Team