Signed & Numbered Ashens Collector's Edition

Signed & Numbered Ashens Collector's Edition

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This is a little bit special.

Both of our films, plus our new documentary, all together in a gorgeous limited edition slipcase signed by Ashens and co-creators Riyad Barmania & Linton Davies. Included also are a tonne of extra features, the Unseen Ashens videos the Anti-Snyder cut digital download, Making for over 10 hours of tat-filled joy!

Put simply, we made this because we want to have it in our own collections, and think you might like it too. It's the best way to display and enjoy the Ashens Movie Universe™.

Each item will also be individually numbered, a true collectable, so maybe if you get an early one off the printer you'll be able to sell it on eBay for a massive profit in a few years time.

Be warned: these are logistically challenging to produce and stocks are limited. Once this batch is gone, it's gone, so don't hang about if you'd like one.


Included in the Ashens Collector's Edition:

90 Minute Feature Film
Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound Options
Commentary Track
Deleted Scenes
Featurette: Behind the Scenes with Geoff
Featurette: Robert Llewellyn Interview
Featurette: GameChild Auditions
Featurette: Life Through a Lens
Main Trailer & 6 Character Trailers
Retro GameChild Commercial
Warwick Davis Promo
Note: No Subtitles available for GameChild
100 Minute Feature Film
Winner of 20 Film Festival Awards
Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound Options
Commentary Track
Deleted Scenes
Featurette: Ashens' Heist Warehouse
Featurette: Barry Become Chef Assistance
Featurette: The Professor Returns
A Cool Secret Thing That You'll Have to Try and Find
Main Trailer
Subtitles: English CC
45 Minute Behind the Scenes Documentary
More Deleted Scenes
Featurette: Has Stuart Got Better to Work With?
Featurette: Kids Write Jokes Quiz with Ashens and Eli
Featurette: VFX Reel
Featurette: How to be Smooth
Featurette: How to be Successful
Featurette: How to be Handsome
Featurette: How to be a Millionaire
Featurette: How to be a Fixer
Featurette: The Film's Unsung Hero
Featurette: Vocal's Top 5 Heist disguises
Featurette: In the Van with Dan
Featurette: Jumper Fashion Show
Featurette: Antagonise with Agonist
Featurette: Knighthood and Decoy Return
Featurette: Ashens Office Tour
Featurette: Impressions Battle
Featurette: Cube's Top 5 Tech Tips
Featurette: Fake Spoilers
Featurette: Beanboozled Forfeit Quiz with Ashens, Eli, Barry & Mr Weebl
Featurette: Promos Compilation (including several considered too weird and freaky for general release)  
Note: No subtitles available for Ashens and the Fly on the Wall
The Polybius Anti-Synder Cut
A 130 minute extended cut of the multi award-winning movie available as an instant digital download. Just don't call it a 'Special Edition'.
Note: No subtitles available for The Anti-Synder cut
All discs are region free, so will play wherever you are. The Collector's Edition is Rated 12 for frequent implied strong language.

There is also the option to upgrade to the Ashens Ultimate Collection, which includes the Action Figures, Grab Bag Merch, T-Shirt and Downloads for 50% off.
Shipping: We are a very small team, but we'll be working flat out to get everything processed as quickly as possible. We will definitely have all orders that don't include Action Figures out in time for Christmas, and hopefully much, much sooner!