FAQ, Delivery & Returns

When will I receive my order?

The digital downloads will be sent over immediately. Most physical orders will be fulfilled once the sale window has closed, as we don't know how much stock to pre-purchase for some of the items. As you can imagine, shipping logistics are pretty tricky at the moment so please be patient, but we will be working flat out to get everything sent off super-efficiently.

What payment methods do you offer?

You should be able to pay with all major credit or debit cards, as well as exotic things such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also use Paypal, although do note they charge us a much, much higher fee - so if you're mulling between two options, maybe avoid that one. But if Paypal is easiest, go for it.

Why is the store only open for a few weeks?

Producing, organising and shipping physical products is effectively a full time job and our margins are low. If there's enough interest we may be able to do another run in the future, but if you'd like something we'd recommend you get it now or risk missing out.

Will sales go towards making a third movie?

We haven't broken even on the second one yet but if we can get close to doing so it definitely would make it more likely that we'll be able to do it again.

Why is the Collector's Edition 'numbered'? What does that mean?

As well as the signatures, in the corner of the box it will say which number off the printer your unique copy is, a real collectable. You could get number 1, you could get number 23, who knows! Fingers crossed number 69 doesn't go to my mum.

Why do some of the items now cost less than they did in the crowdfunding campaign?

In a crowdfund what you're really paying for is to make the project happen, and happen it did, thanks to you beautiful people! Of course you get 'perks' for a contribution, but the difference between the prices is literally the reason the film now exists (thank you!). Of course we love our crowdfunders, so you should have gotten access to an exclusive discounted pre-sale. If you missed this, email contact@relentless.film and we will sort something out. 

What if my order arrives damaged?

All orders are well packed but we can't legislate for Postman Pat going on a bender and trampling his mailbag. Just email contact@relentless.film showing what happened and we'll sort it out for you right away.

Will I have to pay import duties, customs fees etc?

All orders are shipped from the UK, so if you generally have to pay customs on things coming from here, it's possible that you will in this case.

What about Brexit? I'm in the EU and apparently we're not friends anymore?

All orders are shipped from the UK, so if you're in the EU it's possible that you will now have to pay some fees. This is all very new but we are doing everything we can to mitigate this.

Help! My question has not been answered!

No sweat, just email contact@relentless.film and we will get right on it.