Unseen Ashens Video Download Pack

Unseen Ashens Video Download Pack

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A digital collection of Ashens material previously unseen by the general public!

There's a fun review from 2010 I forgot to publish, a review of a ''Christmas'' box I got off eBay, which included the ''Extended Cut'' of Fifty Shades of Grey (shudder), a special Barshens version of 'The Chase' guest starring Guru Larry, a frankly insane parody advert, some food videos, the mythical Ashens Outtakes Reel and more!

Plus, a whole series I made exploring obscure British sports, from Cheese Rolling to Ferret Legging, Conkers to Dwile Flonking. Includes actual horrific footage of me toe wrestling Dan Tomlinson, all in the name of art.

They will be available for you to watch immediately after purchase, so you too could be toe-wrestling in mere minutes.

Unseen Ashens
Christmas Mystery eBay Box
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blind Bag
Giant Pocky Taste Test
Barshens 'The Choose' Special with Guru Larry
The Missing Munchpak
The Mythical Ashens Outtakes Reel
o2 Joggler Review
Pseudo-Japanese Toilet Cleaner Advert
Barshens Farewell Behind The Scenes

Weird British Sport Series
Episode 1: Cricketing Terms
Episode 2: Cheese Rolling
Episode 3: How to Cheat at Conkers
Episode 4: Ferret Legging
Episode 5: Toe Wrestling
Episode 6: Dwile Flonking

A total of 1h 45mins of Ashens shenanigans.